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Optimize Your Online Presence

How can financial advisors in 2019 be found online and convince potential clients that they are the right ones to help them navigate their financial future? The answer is content marketing.

Learning From the Amazon Playbook

We need to make people’s lives easier. By following these simple lines out of Amazon’s playbook, wealth managers can build and retain a practice that will be more fulfilling and able to adapt through time.

European Commission’s Work Program 2019

The European Commission’s Work Program 2019 concentrates on 10 priority areas identified by the Juncker Commission, which aims to deliver on them before the European Parliamentary Elections in May 2019.

The Shift of Economic Power

The rise of high-net-worth, affluent and retail investors in Asia and other emerging markets has sparked the need for new financial products. Among the most popular are those that reflect strong consumer protection rules and can be sold across jurisdictions.