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The Shift of Economic Power

The rise of high-net-worth, affluent and retail investors in Asia and other emerging markets has sparked the need for new financial products. Among the most popular are those that reflect strong consumer protection rules and can be sold across jurisdictions.

Focus on Clients’ Charitable Giving

Advisors, who make it a priority to understand their clients’ philanthropic interests and then provide insightful guidance on how to integrate their philanthropy in their overall financial plans, are those that do gain their clients’ greater confidence and referrals.

What Qualities Matter in Fund Distributor Relationships

While meeting key service quality metrics is important, In the Asian markets, in particular, what makes a distributor stand out and building strong, lasting relationship with financial advisors is a broad knowledge of the local market and all its distinctive…

Financial Solutions That Matter To Your Clients

Consumers are increasingly aligning spending with brands reflecting their values. Many investors look to align their financial goals with products and services reflecting their philosophical and social convictions.