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  • Wealth Friends

    This robust investment plan gives investors three different opportunities to build wealth based on their tolerance for risk, financial situation, personal and/or family circumstance, and life stage. Each offers investors a high degree of flexibility, an easy application process, and a convenient, secure 24/7/365 portal to stay informed about their investment. There’s even a Web App available backed by a data protection agreement to ensure the integrity of all clients’ valuable personal data. For more information, click below.

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  • Wealth Insuring

    Investors can gain greater financial security and peace of mind through our six actively-managed insurance funds. These funds include a guaranteed growth fund, security-oriented fund, balanced fund, performance-oriented fun and family office fund. Each was designed to address different investor profiles and growth opportunities. Wealth Insuring funds feature flexible policy design, cash disbursement or pension options, and are competitively-priced with customer loyalty cash rewards. For more information, click below.

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  • World Class Brands Portfolio Strategy

    Conceived in the decade of the new millennium, this portfolio strategy was developed based on the positive experience of the Mahrberg Group’s principal owner’s wealth management approach and family office investments. Specifically, a strategy was honed whereby a portfolio would be built around leading value and growth brands in the major industrialized nations. Historically, these brands have delivered strong returns.
    In fact, excellent results were attained using this portfolio strategy, subsequently giving birth to the World Class Brands Portfolio Strategy so that the broader public could benefit.

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  • Eljovi Multi-Strategy Fund

    With a historical annual return of 30-35% , the multi-strategy fund relies on asset allocations in three key areas: arbitrage (40%), mining (30%) and spread trading (30%). Focusing on maximum returns and minimum risks, the multi-strategy fund leverages arbitrage trading in inefficient markets and cryptocurrencies in emerging markets. Unlike money held in conventional banks, cryptocurrencies are produced and held digitally and created by the act of mining using open source software to solve mathematical problems. Miners provide their computational power for calculating mathematical problems, and they are rewarded for this effort with currency units Most cryptocurrencies are limited in the number of units that can be mined thereby affording deflationary benefits. By deploying a certain percentage of returns from the arbitrage trading in riskier assets, higher returns can be attained.

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  • Eljovi Indian Arbitrage Fund

    This fund features an asset allocation breakdown of 50% in equities, 25% in government securities, and 25% in select derivatives. Through its its investments in two share classes – hedged and non-hedged – the fund seeks to generate income through arbitrage opportunities between cash and derivative market and arbitrage opportunities within the derivative segment and by deployment of surplus cash in debt securities and money market instruments. To maximize returns, a well-thought out investment strategy is deployed. It consists of investing in debt securities up to 50% of AUM and applying them as margin collaterals for derivative trades, as well as buying and selling equity versus short/long term derivative positions depending on the basis level. The fund features a maximum 30-day lock-in period and a minimum investment of 100,000 USD.

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  • Family Office Fund

    For qualified investors, the Family Office Fund provides lucrative investment opportunities at moderate costs. The fund’s goal is to make part of the Mahrberg Family Office Portfolio investable for third-party investors. The fund represents a pooled, regulated and liquid vehicle providing exposure to diversified opportunities alongside the family office. The fund aims to generate above market returns by taking advantage of extra ordinary opportunities in the private equity and private bond markets, as well as in the alternative investment space (i.e., commodities, arts, precious stones). Investments in the public markets are also possible. Also among the opportunities are investments in cutting-edge technologies at the early stages in the growth phase of their product life cycle. A new opportunity developed in 2017 is major investments in record-breaking cryptocurrency strategies.

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